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    Signing MOU with University of Malaya

    MOU / March 30, 2018

    Collaboration to build more high skilled talent in Greater Kuala Lumpur

    The University of Malaya, Malaysia’s No.1 ranked higher education institution and VINCI Construction, a leading design and build construction company and a major global player in the construction sector, entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to jointly work on a collaborative project to encourage and promote cooperation in research and development in the field of Capacity Building and Local Talent Development. This MoU is VINCI Construction’s first collaboration with a Malaysian University.

    The MoU signing ceremony was held on 20th January 2016, 3:30pm at the Court Room, University Malaya. This partnership was led by University of Malaya’s Centre for Innovative Construction Technology (CICT) Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and the collaboration between UM and VINCI Construction was facilitated by InvestKL.

    The project spanning 3 years will focus on increased collaboration between the two parties, to facilitate mutual sharing of best practices and expertise in the area of construction and engineering. These include final year projects for undergraduates, internship and employment opportunities, joint research and development activities, participation in seminars and academic sessions, worksite visits and other areas agreed by both parties.

    As VINCI Construction ranks among the world’s top design and build construction companies, the valuable exchange of professional and best practices with University Malaya will provide Malaysian talents an enhanced educational experience to build capabilities through transfer of knowledge and technology, insights, experience and skills and provide exposure to global markets and work opportunities. In addition, this strategic collaboration between private and local will continue to support Malaysia’s goal towards becoming a knowledge economy with a high income population by 2020.

    “We firmly believe in strategic partnerships that can create an ecosystem that supports excellence and a performance-driven culture. This will ensure that our university and its graduates will not only be globally competitive but will be able to meet our nation’s aspirations to provide leadership in this region and beyond. This MoU with VINCI Construction will contribute to building a sustainable and stable platform from which we can continue to “soar upwards” as aptly put by the Ministry of Higher Education and serves to strengthen several thrusts of the Malaysian Higher Education Blueprint including ensuring talent excellence, creating an innovation ecosystem and building the university’s global prominence”

    Prof. Dato’ Dr Amin Bin Jalaludin, Vice Chancellor of University of Malaya

    With this in mind, we undertake to participate and build regional workforce by bringing onboard local talents. We nurture them by instilling values that encompass autonomy and innovation through transfer of knowledge, experience and core-trainings.

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